Work Package 6 – Integrated policy and practice guidelines

Support the development of integrated policy and practice guidelines.

This work package will draw on all previous work packages and support USAID’s PANI program (and other programs, including NHDP) to develop integrated policy and practice guidelines for sustainable water resources development in Nepal. These guidelines will include best practice guidelines for sustainable hydropower development, irrigation schemes and water storage schemes. Information to support the development of training guides will also be prepared to train relevant government staff and donor partners on the use and application of the e-Flow calculator, hydro-economic models and scenario testing. A report detailing recommendations for sustainable water resource development planning, based on lessons from VDC and district level planning (WP 4.2), that facilitates a full examination of trade-offs of different development pathways and institutional options at different scales (local to national) will be prepared.

Activities under work package 6 will commence only in the second year of the project.

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